Marius Vigariu

Fitness Enthusiast, Software Programmer, Motorcycle Stunt Rider & Skydiver

At the age of 24 he decides to leave Bucharest, Romania to live and work in Frankfurt am Main, Germany, because of a great opportunity in the digital television broadcasting sector.

During the three years spent there, working with conditional access technologies, digital rights management and video on demand systems, he manages to deliver a Disaster Recovery Headend in Munich, a Staging Video on Demand System in Frankfurt and a Content/Traffic System Simulator. These achievements brought him global recognition from the C-level people of NDS, which is now part of Cisco.

The time spent there shaped his character with integrity, discipline and dedication, as he points out: "It was a great inner experience. It felt like I did my army!"

When everybody was convinced that quitting Cisco is a bad move, at the age of 27 he decides to come back to Bucharest, Romania and engage in his newest challenge: Software Programming. He worked his way up through personal projects and IT companies and currently he is a Senior Software Programmer at ONEm Communications, working with a talented team to bring Internet based services through SMS and voice, to poorly developed countries in Africa and Asia.

From a physical point of view he's always been very active, leaning towards extreme sports and fitness. Enjoys snowboarding, kickboxing, riding motorcycles like they were not designed to be ridden and jumping from planes. He is been awared with an Indoor Flight Certificate by iFLY Australia and the A License by USA Parachute Association. He is very enthusiastic about fitness, because as he says "Fitness is the purest character building activity, because it's objective, meaning you are the only one responsible for your results!"

The information content on this website is purely his opinion on fitness. His achievements do not involve any personal trainer or a fitness instructor. It is just a matter of studying the discipline, learn the rules of the game and apply them in the gym to find out the real truth on how to transform your body.

His transformation started in early 2015. It now continues as a lifestyle. When it started in January 2015 he was around 25% body fat, weighed 100kg and in a horrible shape, mentally and physically. It took four months of solid work and dedication to get to an improved shape (see middle picture below). The belief and confidence acquired during those four months, enabled himself to set new standards and goals.

Stop wishing and start doing! The change begins now. Find out more about his workouts and mindset and how to use fitness to be the best you can in any theather of life. Become a member!

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